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Now Newsweek's on the "Blue Collar Brawlin' with Bruno" case


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Someone from Fort Smith posted a link for this on the Arkansas Blog earlier as a sort of vindication. It's a web report from Newsweek that leads with a gay couple in Fort Smith getting harassed for slow dancing at a club, before making a case that the audience's reaction at the Fort Smith Convention Center was grossly manipulated — it was made to wait 90 minutes at the door; beers, advertised as $1 for a limited time, stayed at that price throughout the event even though there were constant announcements that the promotion was about to end. The conclusion seems to be, the people of Fort Smith got duped into acting like raging homophobes even though they are, in fact, raging homophobes.

I'll reserve judgement until after seeing the film, but I know this: Recognizing that something is gamed or staged doesn't necessarily make it any less funny.


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