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Sweet Splurge.




Wednesday... "Hump Day," the center of the week. Monday and Tuesday were likely rough, and there's still all of today and all of tomorrow to wade through before arriving at Friday, that blissful end of the workweek. It's hard making it through sometimes, and that's why we need to remind ourselves that we need a reward. No matter where you choose to find your reward, there are many who will choose to do it with sweets.

One place to find those sweets is at the Brown Sugar Bakeshop in the River Market. If you've been in the Oppenheimer Hall at lunch, chances are you've caught a whiff of sweet baking going on along with all the other choices that abound there. And, if you've embraced the idea that life is too short to skip dessert like I have (much to the detriment of my waistline), you may have partaken of their many varieties. Cupcakes are the big thing, and for just a couple of bucks you can enjoy Vanilla or Double Chocolate Birthday Cake, German Chocolate, Turtle, Banana Pudding, or Strawberry. Or my favorite, Limoncello, which is spongy yellow cake filled with a light Limoncello buttercream. Divine. There is a website for the Brown Sugar Bakeshop, but you'd be better off checking out their blog, which releases a weekly list of what they're cooking up. Or you could call... (501) 372-4009.

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