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Kris Allen is on the road



The "Idols Live" tour debuted in Portland last night and if its set list is any indication, we're going to have to sit through a lot of tedium. I can't tell you how much I don't want to see Danny Gokey do "PYT" again.

But, according to this LA Times review, it's all worth it.
Kris Allen comes to the stage facing a bundle full of questions - namely, could his soft-spoken, low key style stand up as the headline act of an arena show? To all appearances, it could, handily. The show very astutely didn't try to make Kris top Adam in volume, but stripped down the production for his numbers to a minimalist, intimate feel through which his strong vocals on "Heartless" and others did manage to turn the stadium into a little theater or nightclub, a feeling his set kept coming back to until the crowd-pleasing singalong finale of "Hey Jude." In the end, one can't but feel that Kris' is the right note for the concert to end in, that of all the Idol's his likable, sweet style delivered the feel-good close that had the departing crowds still humming with good will towards mankind.

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