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Old Haunts.




FuLin Chinese Restaurant used to be that fancy place we'd dress up and go to on special nights when I was in high school.  The food was good, the prices (at the time) were a little high, but it all seemed so formal.

The formality is still there in the way the servers treat you and how your food is presented.  But for lunch, FuLin has some great deals.  On a recent visit, I was surprised to find that there was nothing on the lunch menu over $6.  The Chef's Beef (pictured above, $4.95) is a splendid saute of beef with black pepper and peanuts, in a more than ample portion for lunch.  Lunch combinations come with soup, rice, a fat egg roll, and a fortune cookie.

FuLin offers "golden fingers" on its menu, which are lightly battered and fried chicken tenders, always a favorite.  They also do a decent (if not fat) Crab Rangoon (6 for $4.95) that are on the very crunchy side.  And it's the only place in town that I know of that has Shirley Temples and Roy Rogers on the menu (non-alcoholic drinks, not the celebrities of the past).

I was happy to find that the flavors I recall from years ago are still there... so's the decor, but that's okay, too.  And they have good tea.  What more could you want for lunch?  The eatery's still where it's always been, in the southern portion of the big shopping center on Bowman (the original one -- across from Walgreen's).  (501) 225-8989.

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