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Beth Ditto fundamentally unable to give a bad quote


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A dress from her forthcoming collection for UK-based Evans Clothes.
"Each time someone left it drew me closer and closer to realising that either I was going to move away and come out of the closet or I was going to stay in Arkansas, become a baby machine and never be true to myself. It was scary. It could easily have gone either way. I could have got knocked up." Moments after insisting that after several White Country friends moved to Olympia her pubic hair turned white. [The Scotsman]

"In our history, John Belushi, Mama Cass, Chris Farley, we just shouldn't do drugs. Because the truth is we're not unhealthier, we're not incapable, but we do put more on our heart and I would not choose to do something that would make my heart beat and then f---ing explode. Think about the skinny people that die on coke from heart attacks ... f--- that s---. Fat people shouldn't do drugs. No one should really do them, let's be honest." Standing behind her "fat people should do drugs" stand. [The Spinner]

"Within seconds of meeting Beth Ditto, I’ve been pulled into a generous embrace, my head yanked down a foot or so and planted between her astonishing bosoms. It’s quite nice, actually, and not what I was expecting. There’s always that slight worry that fat people are going to be a bit whiffy — especially fat punk rockers — but Ditto, who’s 28 (both in age and dress size), is extremely fragrant. The chalky white arms squeezing my back are as delicious and comforting as slabs of freshly baked ciabatta." The lede in an article about Ditto in one of the UK's most respected papers. "Whiffy" is slang we need stateside. [The Times]


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