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Sister's got the tacos



Challis Muniz of the Times and El Latino sends word to a fellow taco lover (me) of a place worth visiting in Hot Springs.

The Taco Shop is in Hot Springs on Central Avenue, near Kroger.

This is the sister of the La Hacienda guys, now doing her own thing. I had tacos there for lunch. They are great, just like the tiendas in Mexico. I only had $3.50 on me, and they were incredibly nice, set me up with 2 tacos al pastor with cheese, and a drink also.

Which reminds to say, for the umpteenth time, that Samantha's Taqueria No. 2, a trailer on Geyer Springs just north of Sims BBQ, has the most righteous tacos and burritos in town. And, last Saturday, they were offering pollo al carbon -- gorgeous-looking chicken halves being roasted on a big pit outside.

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