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The great Michael Jackson link round-up



The video above, from a 25th anniversary Motown celebration, is supposedly the first time MJ moonwalked. It's at 3:44. [Via Vulture]

The best song ever about a homicidal pet rat.

The LA Times has a nice collection of photos of fan tributes and grief on the Hollywood Walk of Fame and outside of Jackson's home.

Did Michael Jackson leave his rights to the Beatles' catalog to Paul McCartney in his will?

Cocaine Blunts offers two high profile unreleased rap collabs. One with LL and another with Run DMC, which apparently didn't happen because a falling out related to "dinner and a monkey."

Nah Right has a map of MJ samples in hip-hop.

VH1 Classic is running nothing but MJ videos today through the weekend.


Jackson's patent for Moonwalk shoes. [Via Idolator]

There's a Moonwalk flashmob scheduled in London tonight. [Via the Telegraph]

But of course no coordinated mass of people paying tribute to Michael Jackson can ever top this routine of "Thriller" by inmates of a Filipino prison.

Here's the MJ tribute from "The Plague" last night on KABF. Two parts. One and two. Track lists below.

1. Michael Jackson- Girlfriend
2. The Jackson 5- 2 4 6 8
3. The Jackson 5- Never Can Say Goodbye
4. Michael Jackson- Human Nature
5. Michael and Janet Jackson- Scream
6. Michael Jackson- Dirty Diana
7. Michael Jackson- Rock With You
8. Michael Jackson- Smooth Criminal (Telemitry Remix)
9. Michael Jackson- Dirty Diana
10. Michael Jackson- Ain't No Sunshine
11. Michael Jackson- Billie Jean
12. Michael Jackson- I Can't Help It

Part 2

1. Rhymefest feat. Daniel Merriweather- Breakadawn
2. The Jackson Five- Dancing Machine
3. Michael Jackson- Don't Stop Til You Get Enough
4. Michael Jackson- P.Y.T.
5. Jackson Five- Big Boy
6. The Jacksons- Show You the Way to Go
7. Michael Jackson- Thriller
8. Michael Jackson- Beat It
9. Michael Jackson- Bad (Mowgli is Bad Remix)
10. The Jackson Five- ABC
11. The Jackson Five- It's Great to Be Here
12. Michael Jackson- Wanna Be Starting Something

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