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Aw, Shucks.



Lots of food-related festivals going on this weekend.  My choice -- the 20th Annual PurpleHull Pea Festival and World Championship Rotary Tiller Races down in Emerson.  Yeah, it's a long drive from Central Arkansas.  But that's nothing compared to the fervor in the fields, the kickup of dust and mud from competitors with their highly tuned machines, the slide of thumbnails along cylindrical hulls filled with those fabulous peas...

besides, the entertainment is indoors in the air conditioning. 

And there's gonna be a wedding.  Really -- no joke!

But the part you're going to want to check out happens to be, well, the peas.  At ten tomorrow morning, the best cooks in the land will vy over who has the best PurpleHull Pea and Cornbread dish.  That should be worth savoring.

But heck, why wait until tomorrow?  Festival begins today -- and there's a cakewalk (mmmm, cake) and lots of other things going on.  Go check out the festival website for more information.  I'll be headed that way tomorrow morning. 

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