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Richly Appointed.



Too hot for pasta?  The heck you say.  Within the air conditioned comfort of Pia's Italian Restaurant in Conway, warm and delightful pastas accompanied by cold refreshing beverages are a diner's delight -- especially when they come with a sauce this good.  I found myself spooning up the incredibly rich and deep Cardinal sauce that accompanied my Tortellini ($11.99) with favor and gusto on a recent visit.  It's a very good balance between the rich marinara and the creamy Alfredo with a healthy wine reduction included.  I am all about that.

Fortunately, there was also a handy sponge to take in a lot of what I couldn't pick up with a spoon.  The eatery steps away from the rustic coarse bread/olive oil and pepper routine that all the "trendy" Italian restaurants tend to use these days.  Instead, the bread is sweet, it's served with a peppered butter, and it's very soft.  It might throw you for a loop at first, but stick with it at least until you get your pasta.  Then you'll appreciate the morsels that can discreetly soak up sauce without making you look too famished or greedy.

Pia's is located at 915 Front Street.  They do lunch and dinner, pasta and salad and sandwiches.  Oh, get dessert while you're at it.  (501) 513-9944.

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