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Another video for "Heavy Cross," this time featuring the band. Beth Ditto vogues.

So the Gossip's new album, "Music for Men," is streaming at AOL's Spinner. I haven't heard it enough to form much of an opinion, but at the least, it sounds way more sonically varied than previous stuff. The band recorded at Shangri-La in Malibu (a studio the Band built in the late 70s) with Rick Rubin.

There's a nice infomercial for the new album here.

Utilizing the most inscrutable release strategy ever, Columbia is putting out the album, best I can tell, in CD, vinyl and mp3 form in the UK and in mp3 form in the US next Tuesday. The vinyl and CD releases won't come stateside until October.

Here are the latest, greatest quotes from Judsonia's own Beth Ditto, darling of the UK press.

“After we made the record, I had some post-natal depression. I really felt like I’d given birth to a baby and was really sad that the baby was out of my body. It was really, really intense. Now I’m looking forward to putting the baby in clothes and giving it a really cool name and taking pictures of the baby." Extending a metaphor. [Xfm]

"I think it's horrible people have been making fun of her. Susan just wants to love Jesus and sing – it's cute. Only I can help her out of her meltdown" During the height of the Susan Boyle meltdown media frenzy to The Sun. Ditto also said Boyle should hook up with she and the Priests to form the "world's first gospel supergroup." [NME]

“I hate Katy Perry.” Because of "I Kissed a Girl," which Ditto called “a boner dyke anthem for straight girls who like to turn guys on by making out or, like, faking gay.” From an Attitude magazine cover story. Perry responded by saying she'd write a song about Ditto's criticism. Meta! [Lesbilicious]

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