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Out and About.



Ever long for dining companions to share your food experiences?  That was the whole idea behind the first gathering this week... a planned small gathering of Facebook friends that turned into around 50 people invading Capi's this past Monday night.  Sure, it was a gathering of friends -- friends interested in promoting local restaurants, friends looking for someone to share dinner with and help out the local economy, too.

It's growing.  Now the group is planning more outings, not just dining out but going to the movies, too.  It's a lovely organic sort of thing and worth checking out.  The next gathering is next Monday, the 22nd, at Lilly's DimSum Then Some.  From six to eight, people are invited to meet at the Market Street eatery. 

The "Let's Go Out Little Rock:" group has a Facebook page where you can follow upcoming events.  It will be very interesting to see how this develops -- especially in this age of web-based social networking.

Speaking of which, did you know about Eat Arkansas' Twitter-pation?  Or the Facebook weekdaily lunch suggestion?  Have other food-related social webstreams to share?



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