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Review: Cotton Jones at Sticky Fingerz



Thursday night at Sticky Fingerz offered a wide variety of out-of-town talent. Sarah Angela, a singer/songwriter out of Portland, Oregon, began the night with an acoustic set of what she referred to as “small, pretty songs mostly.” With a strong voice and an obvious talent, she belted out songs with a girl-folk, Jewel-like style. Next, Miniature Tigers, hailing from Phoenix, Arizona, offered an eclectic, pop sound that called at least one dancer to the floor. Their falsettos and high-pitched harmonies could be influenced by the Beach Boys, and their danceability and hilarious subject matter, ranging from cannibals to dinosaurs, brought to mind Of Montreal’s older material. Miniature Tigers, whatever their influences, must be described as funtime music. Last but certainly not least, Cotton Jones took the stage, turned the lights down low, and romanced the audience with a sexy side of Americana I did not know existed. Michael Nau and Whitney McGraw, front man and woman for the Maryland-based group, combined their thick drawls, dreamy harmonies, and even a little whistling for a romantically spellbinding performance that made my soul slow dance through the entire set.

-Stacey Bowers

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