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Berry Season.



Went by the Little Rock Farmers Market yesterday and noticed it's blueberry season... lots of the first of the year crop are out and available, little dully sweet things that are just on the brink of maturity.

On the other hand, strawberries appear to be at their peak.  One young man was passing out berries to try from his stand, then insisting on selling them at $4 a pint.  Many takers there.

I also saw a good deal of peaches out there -- but at $10 a flat basket, they seemed a little high.  Wondering how the Clarksville area is doing... the peach basket of Arkansas may have suffered some with the ice storm, but I haven't heard for certain.

One thing I did take home was a couple of pounds of Bradley County tomatoes.  I relish this time of year; fresh tomatoes are something I don't feel can be equalled.  I'm rubbish at growing them myself, so I always prize those gifted to me or that I can pick up here or there.

Speaking of which, this weekend in Warren:  the 53rd Annual Pink Tomato Festival, one of the state's oldest gatherings of folks.  We're blessed with these free, folksy festivals in our state -- usually featuring talent shows and music, vendors, craftsmen, and stuff for the kids; always featuring one of our native specialties.  Certainly worth a check-and-see, especially if you're ready for a little car-bound adventure and have the sunscreen ready.

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