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The Things We Do For Love...



If you've watched the Food Network, you've probably seen those commercials that ask "How do YOU Iron Chef?"  Well, that's a valid question for those of us who enjoy cooking for a crowd.  I know Eat Arkansas contributor Joel loves to throw a good dinner party... I tend to go a different direction.

The photo you see above was taken in February 2004.  It's from a medieval feast I participated in with the Society for Creative Anachronism.  What you see there are a couple of items created from redactions of 14th Century French recipes (from Goodman of Paris, if you were wondering) -- mushroom-filled pastries served with hard-boiled eggs and a red wine reduction sauce. 

That, you may say, is my hobby-within-a-hobby, cooking for large crowds who gather for events within the SCA organization.  Reason I mention it is, I'm embarking on yet another one of these ventures this weekend -- this time, serving up dishes from 16th Century northern India and Pakistan.  And while I've been gathering ingredients and refining recipes, I've been thinking about food hobbies.

So, what's your food hobby?  Do you can fruits and veggies?  Bake at any particular point of year?  Have a reunion specialty you always make or an informal gathering you tend to cater?  Participate in chili cookoffs or BBQ competitions?  Here's an opportunity to talk about it and share what you do. 

Me?  I have some cooking to do.

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