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Catfish Comfort.


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I have grown rather fond of The Oyster Bar's po-boys and (only available on Tuesday) Shrimp Creole over the years, but this weekend was my first experience with Cat-touffee ($9.95).  This hearty platter of Shrimp Etoufee topped with a crispy whole catfish fillet and served up with soft buttery French bread rounds... oo-ee.  It's a pleasant balance between creamy and crisp.  Not a whole lot of rice, but that's all right (less fillers, as it were).  You can taste the tomato and the celery somewhere between cream and roux in the sauce.  The fillet itself is saltier than I'm used to but very, very hot.  Probably not the sort of dish you consider for summer -- but under the galactically icy AC at Oyster Bar, it works great.

It is Monday, so Red Beans and Rice is today's special, and it's all-you-can-eat for $5.95.  Nothing to turn your nose up at, that's for sure.  More info on The Oyster Bar at their website, or call ahead at (501) 666-7100.


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