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Well Baked.



I usually end up sucked into the pastry side of Community Bakery when I go... something about chocolate croissants and almond poppyseed muffins derails most attempts at eating healthy.  Maybe it's the proximity to available parking, but by the time I enter that side door and make it to the register, I'm usually packed in with purchases.

However, ignoring the restaurant's other charms would be a giant omission.  The downtown location also does a fine job of playing coffeehouse and sandwich shop, with freshly brewed varietals and fancypant coffee drinks and with ever-changing specials and standard favorites.  I for one rather enjoy the Caprese Sandwich ($6.25), fresh tomato and basil with fresh Mozzarella on ciabatta bread or foccacia bread (had it both ways -- still fantastic). 

Of course, if I even bother perusing the pastry case (shown above), I usually end up adding lots of extra calories to my dining experience.  The Grand Marnier packed Chocolate Barquettes ($1.95) are excellent, but I usually steer in the direction of the Creme Brulee ($2.95).

You can check out the daily specials here, or just head to the website for more information.  They do take in call-ahead orders, and have a drive-thru window.  Main Street just south of I-630 downtown.  (501) 375-6418 for the bakery and (501) 375-7105 for the cafe.  The West Little Rock store is just a bakery, but still has those almond poppyseed muffins and more -- (501) 224-1656.

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