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Gah-rohn-teed Openin'.



Fatsam's Louisiana Cafe, originally slated to open during Riverfest, should be up for business by the end of the week.  I dropped by this morning to check on progress.  Apparently the booth at Riverfest did incredibly well (especially, I was told, on rainy Sunday) and the prospects look good.  As we mentioned this week in What's Cooking, those usual Cajun favorites will be available, while chef James Meadors plans to keep things spicy with seasonal offerings available every couple of weeks based on what's fresh and hoppin' (that may not be just a figure of speech; best frog legs I ever had were served south of I-10).  The gent I spoke with today made a point of telling me the food will be good and hot in a temperature sense, but not so spicy as you'd need a fire extinguisher or glass of milk to kill the heat.  Spice-ful, then.  Looking forward to the opening.

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