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Music for heavy readers



The homie Charles Wyrick has hit on a novel idea. He's compiled a companion mix to go with Colson Whitehead's much-loved new novel "Sag Harbor."

It's difficult for me to accurately summarize a book as mind-blowing well-written as Colson Whitehead's new novel Sag Harbor. It's both an unflinching and, at times, humorous look at adolescence, race, class, and identity set smack dab in the middle of the summer of '85. Whitehead has called it an "archeology of the 80s" and in that he's referring to all the pop culture detritus that surfaces within the narrative....

As far as cultural excavation goes, one can't help but note the amount of music tagged and bagged in this book. From the Carpenters to Run DMC, Whitehead dusts off a wide range of artists and songs for inspection. So, when I got finished reading the novel, I decided to compile a playlist.

It's good stuff.

[Lucky Dog]

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