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Kris Allen post-Idol interview round-up



Here's a three part post-show interview on "American Idol Extra" that begins with an amazing piece on the evolution of not just Kris' talent, but his hairstyle.

Comcast Entertainment has a transcript of sorts from the post-show press conference, including Kris' reaction to what we now know was an erroneous report that 38 million votes came from Arkansas.

After tonight's big win, the Conway, Ark.-bred singer faced his wife, Katy, and said, "Ah, we can be married." He explained to reporters backstage after the finale: "We haven't been able to be married for the last nine months. She's amazing. She's just the coolest chick in the world. Hopefully, me and my wife will get to spend some more time together."

Entertainment Weekly caught up with him after the show, too.

Finally, what was one of the best behind-the-scenes highlights for you during the season?

You know, the coolest thing was talking to some of the mentors, like, off camera. They would whisper in your ear nice things, like, "Dude, you're awesome, man." Hearing that stuff from, like, Smokey Robinson or Jamie Foxx or Quentin Tarantino or Randy Travis, any one of them -- it's just, like, mind-boggling, you know? I got a gift from [Once stars and songwriters] Glen Hansard and Marketa Irglova after I sang "Falling Slowly" [from the film]. They were just like, "Thank you so much. You were great." Like, it almost brought me to tears. They gave me this vinyl of the [Once] album, and they signed it, and wrote this letter to me. That meant so much.
Kris' "I'm going to Disney World" commercial.

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