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Wednesday To-Do: Dave Eggers



6 p.m., Clinton School Sturgis Hall. Free.

Dave Eggers gets maligned a lot as the creator of an empire of twee. But regardless of how you feel about his work, his output, across a vast array of media, is plain staggering. He’s written five books — a memoir, a novel, a collection of short stories, a book on teaching and the book he’ll probably discuss at the Clinton School, “What Is the What,” a fictionalized memoir of Valentino Achak Deng, a real-life Sudanese refugee. In 1998, he founded McSweeney’s, an indie publishing house that puts out books of all stripes, a quarterly literary journal, a monthly magazine called The Believer and a short-film quarterly on DVD called Wholphin. Four years later, he opened a writing and tutoring center in San Francisco that now has satellite chapters in L.A., Boston, Chicago and a number of other cities. Lately, he’s turned his attention to film. He and Spike Jonze co-wrote the forthcoming adaptation of “Where the Wild Things Are”; he and his wife, novelist Vendela Vida, wrote “Away We Go,” a Sam Mendes film starring John Krasinksi and Maya Rudolph. Get ready to feel bad about yourself: He’s only 39.

*This lecture was originally slated for tomorrow. We didn't notice the date change until just now, so tomorrow, in the paper, you'll read the above in the To-Do List while I bang my head against my desk.

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