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Idol chatter



So I did a liveblog last night and told you what I thought about the show and how it'll turn out tonight, but what's the rest of the web saying?

Michael Slezak, at, as he has much of the season, favors Kris in the finale. So far, folks participating in the EW fan poll do, too.

DialIdol has it too close to call.

Idolator calls it a draw.

Vulture hates on Kris a bit, but offers an amazing collection of charts dissecting the finale. This one's the best:


From Vulture.
Most other places just offer recaps without predictions.

Here's the post-show interview between the contestants. Someone asks them who looks better naked.

mjsbigblog says that Kris is dueting with Keith Urban tonight. Gokey with Lionel Richie. Allison with Cyndi Lauper and Danny possibly with David Bowie and/or KISS.

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