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And all the people went nuts



It was a small crowd by Kris Allen celebration standards, maybe 300 strong, but fans stood gamely for two hours — or if they were really passionate, three or four —and clapped and did "gimme a K!" cheers and made crazy racket when the Fox cameras started moving. Of course, it was all for the chance to flip the hell out with a bunch of similarly passionate fans and, as you can see above, they were more than up to the task when the happy news came.

I talked to several people after the results. Carly Crowell, by far the most enthusiastic person standing near me, had to catch her breathe, before she explained why she was so excited.

"He's the most awesome Christian," she said, adding that they attend church together. His win, she said, was a "God thing."

"It was more than just people who decided it. Christ was involved."

Haley Harmon, a 14 year-old 9th grader from Conway, chalked his appeal up to talent and character. "He's a great singer, and he's got a great heart, and he's so humble," she said.

A gaggle of women with green wigs and tiaras and a lot of sparkle said they thought Allen was "totally awesome" (which should read, one was quick to point out, "toad-ally awesome," "because we're the Toad Suck Queens*") and a "genuine All-American boy."

There's your headline for tomorrow: "All-American boy stuns heavily favorited possibly gay glam-rocker."

More tomorrow.

*Some Toad Suck-centric version of the Sweet Potato Queens.

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