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Liveblogging the "American Idol" finale



7:01 Kris Allen "is the voice in the crowd that needs to be heard." In a bowler hat.

7:02 Why can't the cameras anticipate celebrities better? "Look there's that woman from that show!"

7:04 First non-sports show I've watched live in like two years. Already feeling the pain.

7:11 Adam Lambert stars in "The Matrix: The Musical." Does "Mad World" again. With mad fog.

7:14. Anthony Hopkins!

7:14. Paula invites Adam to "bask in it."

7:16 Video flashback: Kris Allen, businessman from the start. Makes parents pay to hear him sing as a child.

7:17 Kris does "Ain't No Sunshine" on piano.

7:19 Better than the first time.

7:20. Randy starts into a basketball metaphor, doesn't finish it. But likes it A LOT. Kara says, "You make us feel like you're singing into US!" Paula is still taking pain killers: "You awaken the spirit in all of us with your unique way of Allen-izing your trademark not only all over this inspirational song but every song you sing, and that's a true marking of a great artist." Simon, a doubter even last week, is now a convert. He gives round one to Kris!

7:26 Adam does "A Change Is Gonna Come." He's definitely got good taste in songs, but this isn't really his thing.

7:27 Now he's screeching.

7:29 The judges love it. By default it seems. Every fiber of Paula's being knows that he's going to be "iconic."

7:32 Every fiber of my being does not want to see "My Sister's Keeper."

7:36 Simon Fuller picks "What's Going On" for Kris.

7:37 He does it upbeat. With the guitar. Percussionists. I think he's a little out of his zone.

7:38 Mixed reaction from the judges. Randy thinks it's light. Paula knows what's going on. "You tore that up!" Simon thought it was too laid back. Gives the second round "a million percent" to Adam. Not a real percent, dude.

7:40. Numbers, BTW: 1 866 43557 06 or 02 or 04

7:43. Oh, Lord. It's "No Boundaries" co-written by Kara.

7:44 Adam's up first. This is a Def Leppard-style inspirational ballad.

7:47 Randy is worthless. Kara is moved. Paula is insane. Simon makes fun of the "mountains" and "hurricanes" in the song. Yes! But then REALLY pimps Adam. Calls him a "worldwide star."

7:51: Here are sample lyrics from the song. For the record "With every step you climb another mountain/With every breath it's harder to believe/You make it through the pain/Weather every hurricane/To get to that one place."

7:52 Worst song ever.

7:52 And not one that seems like it will suit Kris.

7:54 Yep. He's trying really hard, but he sounds almost anemic after Adam. Because he doesn't sing power ballads made for high school memory montages.

7:57 Kara makes up for terrible song by making a push for his body of work. True dat. Simon bites his lip, comes up with nice things to say about his progression through competition. Nice shout out and then shot of mom and dad. Arkansas!

8:05 So, it was probably close to a draw. Kris wins round one. Both don't really show up for round two and Adam wins in round three, but it doesn't matter much because it was a terrible, terrible song. I'm sticking with Congressional Quarterly's take. Southern strategy, y'all.

8:08 Aight, off to cook dinner, watch basketball and see about voting a couple times. Lines are open for the next four hours.

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