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LRFF Preview: 'Died Young, Stayed Pretty'



4:30 p.m., Fri., Riverdale.
5 p.m., Sat., Riverdale.

It's a grim pop culture joke applied to those who die early but leave behind some rich catalog of work. The Jimi Hendrixes and James Deans of the world. But it works as a title for Canadian filmmaker Eileen Yaghoobian not because she's documenting those flameouts or even because her subjects are fascinated by the detritus of pop culture. Rather she's focused on the bizarre world of gig posters, those utilitarian works of art plastered to telephone poles and bathroom stalls to promote concerts. These one-time use posters die young, post-show usually, but within the subculture and on popular websites like, always stay pretty. The film's trailer promises a rich juxtaposition between arresting art and the personalities of the weirdos behind it. Yaghoobian will answer questions after each screening.

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