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LRFF: Planning



From "The Room"

One big scheduling note for tonight: "(500) Days of Summer," originally scheduled for tonight, and still listed that way in our print schedule, is now showing Saturday at 7 p.m. at Market Street.

Also, check out, on our home page, a video of co-founder and organizer Brent Renaud running through some of the highlights of the fest. With loads of video clips, including one that the image above came from in "The Room."

If I can get my work done, I'm planning on going to the "Arkansas Shorts Program #1" tonight at 6 p.m., catching "Slumberland" at 7:45 and then going to the after-party at the Peabody, where Velvet Kente and Korto Momolu will be doing their thing.

Organizers tell me they'll be additional "secret" parties announced exclusively through the LRFF Twitter feed. Collective groans for technology.

Sometime tonight or tomorrow, Derek Jenkins is gonna be joining in. We'll be live-covering the fest all weekend.

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