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Kris Allen gets free cheese dip for life!



From Stoby's!

Also, he found out last night that he's in the final two, where, you know, with the help of the Gokester's evangelical bloc and another "Heartless"-esque vocal performance, he might win the damn thing and become the biggest pop star from Arkansas since, well, no one.

Aside from that revelation and how much harder Conway and Little Rock represented in the homecoming montages than San Diego and Milwaukee, the main thing I took from last night's show is that I'm an idiot for not betting back when you could get 10-1 odds on Kris to win.

Best Kris-related blog ephemera lately: New York magazine's culture blog Vulture has a "Dewey beats Truman"-style photo montage of Kris in a coffin, pre-yesterday's results show.

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