If there is justice in the world, Kris Allen is in the finals | Rock Candy

If there is justice in the world, Kris Allen is in the finals



So forgetting Tim Curry from "Rocky Horror Picture Show" for a minute, who, surely, remains the prohibitive favorite to win, there's something bad wrong with America if it sends the Gokester to the finals over the King of Arkansas. Seriously. Tucking jeans into unlaced boots and dancing like your drunk uncle? Offering "doobie do do dahs" "vocal stylings" amidst a saxophone solo? Taking a Joe Cocker ballad and, as the great Michael Slezak said, starting breathy and finishing ''adult contemporary, back when Michael Bolton was contemporary''? If these are the qualities of the people's pop singer, we are living in dark times.

Particularly, when Kris offered a really competent take on "Apologize," and, as he has all season, proved himself contemporary — hell, hip even — with his take on "Heartless" (above).

Our resident Idol expert said she tried voting, on all three numbers, for all of the alloted time and got through maybe five times. That's a sign of the overwhelming support for Kris, right?

Still, even if by some tragedy he goes home tonight, dude's well on his way to uber-fame. And in a sustained way that doesn't seem in any of the other contestants' futures.

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