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Saturday To-Do: Edgefest




2:30 p.m., Cooper Farm. $35-$40.

So as not to offend any downtown sensibilities, Edgefest this year heads to the country. The daylong metal festival found a spot, miles from any sizeable chunk of people, at Cooper Farm, a great expanse of land off I-440, off Faulkner Road (from Little Rock, you go beyond the airport and over the river on 440). Otherwise, it's the same hard rockin' good time. Everyone's favorite nine-man, scary-masked alt-metal purveyors, Slipknot, headlines. Lately, the band's expanded beyond merciless riffage to the occasional power ballad. Staind, from Springfield, Mass., has always been more comfortable with ballads and sweeping moments. Theirs is music made for slowed-down montages of making out in the rain, big displays of patriotism and football plays. Chevelle, from Chicago, mines a hard rock formula that's served bands from Helmet to the Pixies — the soft/loud dynamic. All also on the bill, a handful of bands with names straight from the metal-band-name generator: Drowning Pool, All That Remains, Hurt and Dirtfedd.

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