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Fox 16 covers Kris Allen like the dew



Kris and the gov. From Fox 16.
If you haven't followed "American Idol" and don't have a sense of the hysteria that surrounds it, Fox 16 is here to help. Since Kris Allen landed last night, it's been on the scene. At the airport. "You know everything they say about him is true. He really is the nicest guy ever!" Kris walking into the studio. "They refer to him on TV as being really humble. He is one of the sweetest guys..." Receiving a key to the city from the Jacksonville chamber "Here's the key to the city. It  really doesn't open anything — except our hearts." This morning, signing autographs outside of B 98.5. "This is the moment we've all been waiting for. Right here in West Little Rock signing some autographs." Outside the amphitheater. "Look at these loyal fans. Some of these fans have been here since 4 a.m!"

Yep. There's also a Google map on the station's dedicated Kris Allen page tracking the Idols movement.

'Bout to head down to the River Market and survey the scene.

The concert now is supposed to begin at 11:45.

Here's the rest of the schedule.

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