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Q&A: Snoop Dogg


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In advance of tonight’s show at the Village, I chatted with Snoop, via email, about getting turned into wax, loving Johnny Cash, collaborating with Miley Cyrus and appearing on Martha Stewart (above). It's amazing how well Snoop-ese translates in print.

You got turned in to wax at Madame Tussaud's on 4/20. You get a little freaked out?

It’s crazy – the only other 2 rappers are Biggie and Pac. It was quite an honor to be the first living rapper to have a wax statue. It blows my mind how real it looks. Last Monday was a very special day – thanks to everyone who came out and showed love in Vegas.

What should people who're planning to come out to see you on tour expect?

Great Music. Great Party. Ya dig?!? That’s all that a concert should be. You got a lotta people on this tour that know how to throw a party so tha fans won’t be disappointed. Little Rock fans don't hav to wait to tha summer. They can git a taste of Bigg Snoop Dogg this Monday at The Village. (May 4)

It's no secret that you've got deep respect for Johnny Cash. You have any plans to stop by his childhood home, in Dyess, on the way from Memphis to Little Rock?

I went to his home outside of Nashville when we were filming “My Medicine” off of my last album ‘Ego Trippin.’

Aside from music and family, what's your proudest accomplishment?

The Snoop Youth Football League. It is home to over 3,000 kids in greater LA area.  My team is back to back Snoop Bowl Champions. Tha Pomona Steelers Aka P-Town Steelers. We start in July and go until February – with training year round.  It’s exciting to see tha kids move on and make it to tha big show one day. 

You told E! recently you'd be down to collaborate with Miley Cyrus and the Jonas Brothers. Anyone else we'd be surprised about that you'd like to work with?

You never know. I went country and people didn’t see that happening. I did “Sensual Seduction” and people didn’t see that happening. You neva know what Snoop Dogg is gonna come with or who he is comin with.  But it is gonna bang and that’s what tha fans want.

You've made a small career out of appearing on TV shows no one would expect to see you on — Martha Stewart, WrestleMania, "One Life to Live," "The L Word." What was your favorite? Or the weirdest?

Martha and Wrestlmania were very dope. I had a blast doing those two.  Also, the View was fun. Weeds was cool. There’s been a lot of good ones.

What's the future of "Snoop Dogg TV"?

Don’t change tha dizzle – u never know. I may be on E!, I may be on MTV, I may start SnoopDoggTV. When it finally drops, its gonna be big, ya dig?!?  Drop it like its hot – chuuch.

Can you tell us anything about your forthcoming album, "Malice in Wonderland"?

Dope music. It’ll be out by end of year. I am currently in tha studio now cookin up some music.  I been workin’ on it for about a year now. A lot of hits, just gotta trim down and pick up tha bangers.  

Most importantly, will there be a Soul Plane 2?

Be on da lookout. I never say never.


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