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Handicapping the finalists of the LRFF music video contest



Like last year, the Arkansas Music Video Competition is the highlight of Saturday night at the Little Rock Film Festival. This time 'round, the five finalists come from songs by the American Princes, the Boondogs, the Good Fear, Claire Holley, VORE and Wishtribe, all of whom will perform short sets at the contest.

After the jump, I've got all the videos, plus a little handicapping for those, like me, who believe everything is better if you add gambling.

American Princes "Gravel"
Directed by Deluxe36

Why it'll win: Deluxe36 is the reigning champ. They won last year with the Moving Front's "Like Zombies." Like everything they do, it's really clean looking. Autumn Hall acts well. Ditto for the Collins Kilgore bizarro, but his presence at all might be a bad thing.

Or not: It's sooo literal. "Burn" triggers a candle flame. "Back from the dead" a ghost scene. Etc. And, maybe the judges will want to spread love.

The Boondogs "Heaven"
Directed by Benjamin Reece

Why it'll win? It's gorgeous and brilliantly edited. Jason Weinheimer and Indy Grotto's kids are really cute.

Or not? Like Jason's said, it's a real pretty home movie. Plus, Reece is from New Orleans. Maybe the judges will be provincial.

The Good Fear "Dear Daniel"

The Good Fear "Dear Daniel"
Produced by Zach Holland and Rett Peek

Why it'll win: It's different. And funny. And it's only one of two in the mix produced by a band member. Lead singer Zach Holland assembled it.

Or not: Maybe the judges hate stop motion and "Say Anything" quotes.

Claire Holley "Another Day"
Directed by Hans Stiritz

Why it'll win:
Catchy song. Cute kid. Nice Light. Special effects!

Or not: Holley's a Mississippi born, LA singer/songwriter. Stiritz, who runs Evening Films in Russellville, is the Arkansas connection. Seems more likely that the parochial mindset would come into play here.

VORE "Throne to Wolves"
Directed by David Lipke

Why it'll win: It's scary as hell, which I think is the point. Seriously. Imagine running into these guys on the River Trail.

Or not: Satanic-ish symbols and black-hooded figures aside, there's not enough bells and whistles.


Wishtribe "Automatic"
Produced by TJ Frame and Kelly Griffin

Why it'll win: Who doesn't appreciate a good tortured (shirtless) artist music video?

Or not: No smiling in angsty alt-rock videos, dudes.



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