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Everything you need to know about tonight's "American Idol"



First, if you're in Conway and relish the idea of communing with hundreds, possibly thousands, of "Idol" fans in front of MTV cameras, the Farris Center at UCA is hosting a watch and vote party, from 6-10 p.m. There'll be a big screen and the Rodney Block Trio is playing pre-show, from 6-7 p.m. Here's MTV's preview of the watch party.

Tonight's Rat Pack night and Jamie Foxx, for reasons unknown, is serving as celebrity mentor.

If you've resisted the pull of "Idol," but enjoy gambling, now might be the time to start paying attention. At least earlier this week, Bookmaker.com had Allen's chances of winning at +1000 (or 10 to one), with screeching Adam Lambert, at -350 (I don't know how to translate), still the prohibitive favorite. But! If you put any stock in the commentators, like, say EW.com or MTV or iTunes popularity bars, Allen's got an outside shot. Either way, he seems like a lock on the final three — which would send him back to Conway for a special, pre-finale concert and parade — if not the final two.

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