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'War Eagle, Arkansas' gets distribution



"War Eagle, Arkansas," which won the inaugural Charles B. Pierce award for Arkansas film last year at the Little Rock Film Festival, is coming to theaters throughout Arkansas in June before expanding to New York, L.A., Chicago and "other key cities nationwide."

Empire, the distributor and studio behind the likes of "Havanna Heat" (sultry) and "Blonde and Blonder" (the Pam Anderson and Denise Richards vehicle you've been longing for), is distributing.

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    The motion picture “War Eagle, Arkansas” shot and produced in Arkansas will be released to theaters this summer by Empire Film Group, Inc. (http://www.empirefilmgroup.com).  The awarding winning movie stars Emmy winners Brian Dennehy (“Righteous Kill''), Mary Kay Place (HBO's “Big Love''), and James McDaniel (“N.Y.P.D. Blue”). The film also stars Academy Award Nominee Mare Winningham (“Swing Vote''), Luke Grimes (ABC's “Brothers and Sisters”) and Dan McCabe as the two lifelong friends. View the trailer and press kit at: http://www.WarEagleTheMovie.com

    “War Eagle, Arkansas” will open in late June in theaters throughout Arkansas, before expand-ing to New York, Los Angeles, Chicago and other key cities nationwide.  “We are very pleased to have been selected by the producers to handle the theatrical and home video release of this film festival favorite,'' said Eric Parkinson, CEO of Distribution for Empire. “There is tremendous enthusi-asm throughout the state of Arkansas, due to local themes and locations, and we feel that our theat-rical expansion will benefit from this platform launch.''

    Empire Film Group, Inc. is one of only 12 full-service film studios and distributors in the U.S. marketplace, controlling its own theatrical, video and television distribution activities in-house, and maintaining independent status. The company owns and operates Hannover House, a book pub-lisher and DVD distributor formed in 1993, with an active library of over 170 titles.

    The films Producer, Vincent Insalaco of North Little Rock, Arkansas, said of the deal, “We have been blessed by a superb cast and script. It is our hope that when the country sees War Eagle, Ar-kansas they will enjoy this heartwarming story. Having it play at theaters also will help War Eagle, Arkansas when it is released on DVD.” The script was written by Arkansas native Graham Gordy (“The Love Guru”, “My Dog Skip”) and directed by Robert Milazzo. “War Eagle, Arkansas” has been a consistent winner on the USA Film Festival Circuit for the past 18 months, earning more awards than any other independent film of the decade.

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