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Localist tries to break the Oxford American's record for dying, reviving


Localist, the local underground-focused culture pub that began, first as a glossy in 2003, and shuttered, as a web-only production, last summer, will return in late May in magazine form.

Despite the pub's history of dying — or at least falling into comas — and coming back to life, its death seemed pretty much settled last year, when founder, publisher and sometimes editor TJ Deeter announced the end.

But not for Davis Clement, who edited the last web incarnation of the pub (in full disclosure, I edited a previous web version), and a group of like-minded folks. With Clement serving as editor/publisher, Katherine Whitworth as associate editor and Michael Inescoe as assistant editor, the staff's been able to hustle enough long form interviews, long essays, cartoons, creative non-fiction, poetry, art and opinion to fill 56 pages.

Clement says local topics will continue to be the Localist's mainstay, but he'll also run a couple of non-local things written by local or expat writers. For instance, past Localist editor Dave Ramsey has a piece about teaching in New Orleans and evacuating before a hurricane.

It'll cost $2 an issue and come out every other month.

The editorial staff is selling ads to pay for printing costs. So far, Clement says, "people are coming out to support."

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