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Friday To-Do: The Rivertop Party with Mr. Happy



8 p.m., Peabody Little Rock, free.

I've heard a lot of slang for the male member, but it wasn't until 1993, when the band's drummer enlightened me, that I added Mr. Happy to the roster. Maybe the name's been a musical Viagra of sorts. Any group that can keep it up for 16 years must know what it's doing. On Friday, you'll have plenty of time to head home after work, refresh or switch outfits and put down a solid meal for safer booze absorption and still arrive in time to catch the opening number from one of Little Rock's longest-running party bands, as it kicks off the first of the annual three-month run of Friday night concerts known as the Rivertop Party. What will cost $5 a head from here on out will be free this time only.

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