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Lots of nearby opportunities to see Matika and White do rock opera


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Green Day today announced the first leg of its first North American tour in three years, and judging by all the nearby dates scheduled, the pipe dream of the band coming to Alltel on this tour, in a future leg, looks to be just that.

Therer are gigs scheduled in Nashville, New Orleans, St. Louis and Kansas City. See the full line-up after the jump

No word on venues or ticket prices yet.

Previously, "Jeff Matika in Rolling Stone."

3rd                     Seattle, WA

4th                     Vancouver, BC

6th                     Edmonton, AB

7th                     Saskatoon, SAS

9th                     Winnipeg, MAN

10th                   Fargo, ND

11th                   Minneapolis, MN

13th                   Chicago, IL

14th                   Detroit, MI

16th                   Hamilton, ONT

17th                   Ottawa, ONT

18th                   Montreal, QUE

20th                   Boston, MA

21st                   Philadelphia, PA

22nd                   Pittsburgh, PA

24th                   Hartford, CT

25th                   Albany, NT

27th                   New York, NY

29th                   Washington, DC

31st                   Nashville, TN 


1st                     Atlanta, GA

3rd                     Tampa, FL

4th                     Miami, FL

5th                     Orlando, FL

7th                     New Orleans, LA

8th                     Houston, TX

9th                     San Antonio, TX

11th                   St. Louis, MO

12th                   Kansas City, MO

13th                   Omaha, NE

15th                   Denver, CO

16th                   Salt Lake City, UT

18th                   San Jose, CA

20th                   San Diego, CA

21st                   Las Vegas, NV

22nd                   Phoenix, AX

24th                   Sacramento, CA

25th                   Los Angeles, CA 

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