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Kris Allen actually sings a song you probably like



"Movie night" on "American Idol" was more painful than expected. Quentin Tarantino, the guest mentor, was just as blandly supportive as Randy Travis. He did wear those funny posturepedic shoes, though. (Vulture argues that he was the worst celebrity mentor ever.) Most all of the contestants chose terrible, sentimental ballads from '80s and '90s movies. There were two Bryan Adams songs!

The only redeeming part of the show, other than Simon calling out Adam for his "Rocky Horror"-style take on "Born to Be Wild," was Kris Allen's take on "Falling Slowly," the Oscar-winning theme song to "Once." What a smart song choice, for Allen. So romantic (hey, fan base). Such powerful dynamics (what's up, vocal range). And, most importantly, current. In fact, it was the only song a contestant chose that was even from this decade. Jeez.

Too bad Kris got the B-team of judges. Randy totally blew it. Called it pitchy. Kara worried it was too obscure, but said it was one of Kris' best moments on the show.

The web seemed to love it. Kris Allen's number one fan, Michael Slezak of EW, offers a long takedown on Randy's idiocy, and even chides Kara for not being more enthusiastic. Idolator, The LA Times, Newsday and the Seattle Times dug it, too.'s prediction challenge says Lil Rounds goes home. DialIdol has Kris at the bottom again, but it was way off last week, so.

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