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Friday To-Do: Jonathan Wilkins / The Reds / The See



The See.

10 p.m., White Water Tavern, $5.

Three's not always a crowd, but this three-band group of 2008-09 Musicians Showcase performers, all trios, coincidentally, should certainly attract one. The evening begins with the See, a powerful modern rock outfit that continues to hone its live delivery with an increasing gig schedule. They'll set the mood for sure. With a scarce live presence bordering on criminally (but understandably, due to jobs and families) absent, the Reds, hands down one of my faves from last year's competition, have re-emerged. After re-familiarizing myself with their “Economy of Motion” disc, I carved my Friday night's plans in stone, still pondering whether the name could represent Communism, old-school slang for barbiturates or simply colors. And Jonathan Wilkins' songs, strong as they are when performed solo, are a much thicker sandwich when bassist Matt Floyd and drummer Will Boyd apply the rhythmic mustard (with a possible assist by sometimes keyboardist Isaac Alexander). Not much else to say about this show except try to arrive early and plan on staying late.

Paul Peterson

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