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A bad Don Henley song no match for Kris Allen's dreaminess



So Don Henley's "All She Wants to Dance" didn't work so hot for Arkansas's hope at pop stardom last night. With newfound swag, Tender Dawg tried to assert himself, teen-dream-style, by performing in a circle of adoring fans. Trouble was, the adoring fans just kind of swayed unenthusiastically (apparently this happens a lot). Maybe they, like Randy and Simon, didn't get the horn-laden arrangement. Kara's still a fan, even though she wasn't enthusiastic about the performance. Paula, always reliable, led her nonsensical praise with a nod to the Christian voting bloc, "What's really wonderful about you is that your quiet faith is heartfelt and it's genuine," and finished by telling him he's one of the most likable "American Idol" contestants ever. Then, Simon ripped into him. "Boring" "indulgent" "stupid song choice." You know, the usual. Randy concurred.

But. Simon's rant was interrupted by a chorus of, "KRIS YOU'RE HOT." I'm betting that's representative of a passionate voting bloc. And one that'll overwhelm blind-guy sympathy.

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