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Mad about Maddie's



Grace Anderson writes with a question I can't immediately answer and a glowing report on Maddie's in Riverdale, where she loved the special scallop dish pictured above.

OK, so I've been meaning to ask, did ya'll just generate a pizza in the shape of AR or did someone bake (and therefore someone else subsequently ate) an appropriately shaped pie?  I mean, if i had to assume I'd go with image generated, but.. aw.. 

So I caught a dinner at Maddie's Place early Sat night, beat the crowd by a bit it seemed.  My companions ordered off the menu (gumbo + crawfish po'boy and gumbo + crawfish risotto), while I got the night's special, blackened scallops on andouille jamalyaya rice with a sweet tomato sauce.  It was honestly divine;  I'd rather pay a few dollars more for a good meal, in a decent portion (no leftovers, just a perfect portion), than pay less for a crappy meal with two boxes of leftover.  We also split a vanilla creme brulee that disappeared before I could get a good picture; Maddie's Place gets a thumbs up from me.  :-)

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