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It's easy to get caught up in the mp3 blogosphere. Every day a new one pops up. Either devoted to some micro-genre or, more often, to being the first to post whatever's just leaked.

To help you wade through, I'm starting a semi-regular series of mini-profiles of the best out there. And what better place to start than with locally-connected mp3 blogs?

Here's four for you.

Musicophilia. This has blown up since I last plugged. LR native Soundslike might be the most obsessive, detail-oriented mix-maker in the history of music geekdom. He's spun a daily streaming site off Musicophilia, which is more of a repository for themed mixes. He still keeps it mostly post-punk, but it's not one-note in the least. Make sure you check out the Musique du Monde (fake French) comps. They're gold. Also, more LR love: Local musician/DJ/dance machine Ettiem provides a mix well worth grabbing. He's got an mp3 blog, too, though it's lately been inactive. Maybe this can be a rallying cry.

Red Neckerson's Radio Round-up. An extension of one of the last great shows on KABF (Thursdays 5:30 p.m.-7 p.m.) that, much like the radio show, focuses on the strange side of country — deep cuts too wacky or maudlin or just plain terrible for the mainstream. It's all full albums. Recently, stuff like Elmer Fudpucker at the Nudist Colony and a Merle Haggard covers record from someone who looks exactly like Ross on "Friends." Plus, not-so-wacky gems from the likes of Don Helms (Hank Sr.'s steel guitar player) and the Stanley Brothers.

Ants in My Trance
. Previously plugged, too, but you can't talk Arkansas mp3 blogs and leave out AiMT. Curated by DJ whiz Luminfire, who posts pretty much daily, it's a discerning look at contemporary hip-hop, dance and remix culture. It's got a broad national audience, but Luminfire's not shy about putting Arkansas out there. 607's path to fame probably runs through this blog.

The Disco Itch. Updated once a week or so, this is Cool Shoes to-go. The promoters scan the web for the latest dance and pass it along. Lots of mixes. Recently: Guns n Bombs, Bloody Beetroots, N.A.S.A.

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