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Refreshingly simple.


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Where can you really go for lunch or dinner any more, treat a companion, and pay somewhere in the $20 range?  Okay, where can you go that's not fast food?  Cafe La Pace sure isn't fast food, but it is simple food, and that's nothing to be ashamed about.

I dropped by recently with a friend to sample the little cafe down and across from Cregeen's, on the recommendation of another friend who works in the area.  We went in the late afternoon, and were the only customers around that time.  Which was funny, since the friend who had recommended it to me told me it was usually packed -- but I'm sure that was around lunchtime.

The gyros came highly recommended... but I had to be contrary and go try out the Quattro Formaggi pita pizza ($5.99 with tossed salad).  I begged off the traditional salad and had a Caprese salad on the side instead for no extra charge... the gentleman on duty (serving as cook, manager, and waiter) sadly informed me that the usual Buffalo mozzarella was not available but no matter -- the well-matched vinaigrette did fine by both greens and tomatoes.  I appreciated the light and sharp pizza -- the Feta, Bleu, mozzarella and Parmesan matched up very well. 

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My companion went for the La Pace Gyro Plate ($7.99) served up with barbeque potato chips.  Great gyro, and the chips were a bit above par as well.

What really captured us was the tea... cold brew Chai from RoseArk Hills, a delightfully spicy drink to share over our cafe creations.  I tend to be pretty steady on my iced tea (yeah, it's about my favorite drink these days) and this was cool, inviting, and refreshingly different.  And no, it wasn't sweetened.

Cafe La Pace also offers a selection of breakfast items in the morning, including breakfast pitas and pizzas, omelets and bagels.  They also have a good selection of wines and beer.  And I rather enjoyed their take on turtle cheesecake.

You'll find Cafe La Pace at 318 Main Street in North Little Rock. They open at 7:30 in the morning every day and stay open til 8 or later in the evening on weekdays and even later on the weekends, depending on customers coming in.  Phone number is (501) 379-9120.


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