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The Gossip play Paris' fanciest party



If you didn't make the list for the Fendi party at Fashion Week in Paris on Wednesday, sounds like you missed quite a get-down.

This year's Fashion Week it-girl Beth Ditto, from the style capital of Arkansas, White County, provided the entertainment with her band the Gossip (Brace Paine, with the mustache above, is from Searcy, too).

After Beth Ditto crawled on stage before her performance at the Fendi private party, the large punk rocker, dressed in a tiny sequined dress, scrambled to her feet and, looking straight up at Fendi designer Karl Lagerfeld gasped: “It’s been a b—- of a journey.” [via the Wall Street Journal] was on the scene, too.

Ditto treated fans to her trademark energetic screaming, flailing, and rolling around. When she had a little trouble removing her sequined boy shorts—stripping being one of the singer's signature stage moves—she asked Ellen von Unwerth to hold her mic while she got them off. At one point, Ditto even brought the youngest member present from the Fendi clan onstage for a little swing dancing. "I love you, Beth," Moss screamed from a balcony. The frenzy ended when the singer collapsed in a sweaty heap on the illuminated floor wearing nothing but her intimates and a destroyed fishnet body stocking.

Lagerfeld, for one, was thoroughly entertained. "So much energy," he said just after the performance. "And her voice isn't bad. Lucian Freud should paint her."

The NY Times, too.

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