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Bishop Allen gets press


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Bishop Allen, who'll play Sticky Fingerz on St. Patrick's day, gets profiled in today's New York Times.

Rudder is from Little Rock.

[Justin Rice and Christian] Rudder are getting used to roles as indie musicians, professional but not self-important. With “Grrr ... ,” Mr. Rudder said, “we just tried to relax and write songs and have a good time doing it.”

Mr. Rice added: “I don’t ever want to take our songs too seriously. I enjoy the music that we make, and I hope that people who listen to it enjoy it, but I would never think it’s sacred, like you cannot profane it by playing it underneath pictures of a camera for sale.”

So what do they hope their fans come away with?

There was a pause.

“Ten fewer dollars?” Mr. Rudder said.

The band's new album, "Grrr...," came out earlier this week on Dead Oceans. Pitchfork says it's solipsistic and smug. Ouch.


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