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Phoenix Theater essentially borrows Rep production, saves local economy



Well, not quite, but...

The Rep's artistic director Bob Hupp is back in town after around a month in Phoenix, where he directed "Les Mis" for the Phoenix Theatre Company.

The company used the same costumes, props and several leads from the Rep's production.

It was the culmination of a partnership between the two theaters, wherein the two split the costs for props and costumes.

And it's been huge.

From an article in Broadway World:

"Les Miserables has turned into a phenomenon for Phoenix Theatre," Dan Schay, the theatre's managing director said. "It is a financial and an artistic stimulus package. We are employing more than 100 actors, technicians, crew members and musicians - a record payroll for the theatre. We are also attracting record audiences, who generate economic activity at the theatre and beyond," he concluded.

"It is the best local production I've seen in my 30 years in this community," said the reviewer for the Arizona Republic.

The initial run is sold-out, but it's been extended.

Phoenix, you might be surprised to know, is the fifth or sixth biggest city in the country. There are dozens upon dozens of theater companies there.

Little Rock represent.

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