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The Rice State


My friend Nao Ueda over at GreenAR by the Day recently contacted me to see if I was interested in participating in a bulk purchase of Arkansas rice. The only Arkansas rice I knew of was from Riceland, and I knew I could get that at Kroger. This was gourmet rice, she said. They don't sell it at grocery stores in Arkansas. She assured me it was of superior quality and that I would not be disappointed.


This 2.5 pound bag of Della Gourmet Jasmine Rice cost me approximately five dollars.

Specialty Rice, Inc., located in Brinkley, grows, mills, and packs Della Gourmet Rice. They produce Jasmine, Basmati (both brown and white), Arborio, and Koshihikari (for sushi) rice. I love Jasmine rice, but I decided to get a little of everything even though I had never cooked with the three other varieties.

Saturday afternoon I got out my rice cooker, possibly the best invention ever, and loaded it up with Jasmine rice and water. Within minutes my house filled with the mouth-watering aroma. Once cooked, I simply topped the rice with veggies. It was perfect. Tonight I used the two-day-old rice to make a mushroom and onion fried rice. Again, it was delicious.

This is, by far, the best rice I have ever eaten. I can't wait to try the other varieties. Interested in purchasing some Della Gourmet Rice for yourself? See their contact info in the photo below. Perhaps if loads of folks show interest they'll start selling it locally.


Buy local rice! And ask them to sell it at your neighborhood grocery stores.

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