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Velvet Kente claims the Ark. Times Musicians Showcase


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Photo by Brian Chilson.

Give it up for the Afro-beat, funk-soul rockers. Velvet Kente's coronation concert turned a thick crowd into believers on Friday night. I'm working on a wrap-up of the night that I'll post a little later. Until then, here are the judges comments on joshua. and Velvet Kente.


"Best voice I've heard in a while. Musicianship topnotch all the way around."

Guest Judge Kelley Bass


"Could listen to them play all night long. Nobody can touch that voice. Pure, soulful, moving, funky. The drummer nearly stole the show, but they're all THAT good."

    Nicole Boddington

"Incredibly funky, original and powerful. Monster drummer! Probably the strongest single player in the showcase."


    Jason Tedford


"By far the most promising new band in Arkansas in years."

Jason Weinheimer


"The most high honor of being unclassifiable goes to Velvet Kente."



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