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Not fade away: Bill Hicks


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Part two of three.

This happened in late January, but I just stumbled on it.

About a month before the 15th anniversary of the death of comedian Bill Hicks, who briefly lived here as a teenager and then returned here to die, at 32, of pancreatic cancer, Letterman hosted Mary Hicks, Bills mother.

Just months before his death in 1994, Hicks appeared on Letterman, but the host and his producers decided to cut his segment, apparently because they were nervous about his jokes about abortion and religion. It was a hugely painful experience for Hicks. This great profile of the comedian in the New Yorker, by John Lahr, delves pretty deeply into the incident.

So nearing the anniversary of Hicks' death, Letterman hosted Hicks' mother, apologized to her for cutting the clip and then played it in full.

Aside from some of the cultural references, Hicks' material is still pretty damn topical and funny.

Here it is in three parts. 1, 2 and 3.


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