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Ark. Times Musicians Showcase Finals: Jonathan Wilkins



Jonathan Wilkins. Photo by Brian Chilson.

Jonathan Wilkins claimed the fifth round on the strength of his confessional and confrontational songwriting and deft guitar work. An assist from one of the baddest-ass rhythm sections in town didn't hurt either. Matt Floyd, on loan from Smoke Up Johnny and still looking cooler than you, sounds perfectly at home in the no frills folk-bounce and, of course, in the raucous rock. And Will Boyd, the American Princes expert guitarist, might be the best drummer in town.

Why he’ll win: He’s got a great band. A smart lyrical sensibility. And the ability to really rawk out in a very traditional, bar-rock kind of way. Sometimes familiar is the ticket.

Previously: Get background on the singer/songwriter, read judges commentary and a description of their semi-final win and catch video on the player on the Times' homepage.

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