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Jonathan Wilkins claims the final spot in the Showcase



And then there were five.

The finals for the Showcase are set.

Jonathan Wilkins, with help from Will Boyd (drums) and Matt Floyd (bass), earned the final spot with an impressive set that showed off his sharp songwriting and deft guitar work. The set went from folk-bouncy to raucous. More in the morning. Or afternoon. Or Sunday.


"No need for frills or gimmicks, a great, solid three piece band."

Guest Judge Brad Williams

"Spirited, soulful performance. Jonathan's a gifted songwriter and guitarist. Boyd and Floyd help take his songs to the next level."

    Nicole Boddington

"Americana rock 'n' roll! This is the real deal. Great songwriting. Great musicianship. Who could ask for more?"


    Jason Tedford


"Anybody who can put the words "George Michael" and "Chuck E. Cheese" in a song with a straight face has my attention."

Sub judge Isaac Alexander


"Lots of summertime anthems."


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